Give Your Sawyers A Headstart

Turb-O-Charge Your Saw Output

Precut Turb-O-Webs ™ – Work Less – Achieve More.

Give your saws a big headstart in 2018!

Do you cut all your webs in-plant? Then your saws MUST work 33% harder than they would with Precut Turb-O-Webs. That's one extra week's saw time every month!

Precut Turb-O-Webs are delivered to you ready to use.

Precut Turb-O-Webs® have been used   since 1996 and are well proven. Plants have used them continuously for almost twenty years. In fact, more Precut Turb-O-Webs® are used today than at any other time.

See sample Turb-O-Web trusses here.

“Precut Turb-O-Webs reduce saw time
by  reducing the number of
parts cut in-plant.”

So either more jobs  go through or other more critical work is done within the time and labour saved. It’s easy to calculate how much saw time can be eliminated.

By piece count, truss jobs are roughly 50% chords and 50% webs—and at least half of the webs may be replaced by Precut Webs”

For example, consider a truss job with 1,200 parts ( chords/webs)

  • With Precuts the plant would only need to cut 900 parts and use 300 Precut Webs =1,200 parts available.
  • Without Precuts the plant must cut the whole 1,200 parts!

 The graphic below illustrates this.

Diagram depicting sawyer doing 33% more work and text "Without Precut Turb-O-Webs your sawyers MUST work 33% more to compensate."

That’s 33% extra saw work — every day — every job.

“Four Days’ Saw Output in Three Days !

But think about this…. By eliminating this extra saw work and substituting Precut Webs, a plant can send 4 days of  it’s “normal” saw output to the jigs every 3 days !

Diagram showing how a plant can produce 4 days "normal" outout in only 3 days using Precut Turb-O-Webs.

“Help your sawyer to help you –
Reduce the saw’s workload
and cut jobs  faster !”

Precut webs will benefit all plants. Users with linear saws use large numbers of Precut Webs. But the system works just as well for all truss saws because the ratio of Precut Webs is the same.

“Precut Webs eliminate saw work
regardless of the  type of truss saws
used by the plant”

Precut Turb-O-Webs®  offer a unique way to increase saw output because they don’t depend on faster processing– instead they just eliminate a big part of the saw’s workload altogether !

 They do this almost immediately, without disruption. Furthermore no Capital Expenditure is required !

 Cut out the web-saw “treadmill”- convert the effort into getting  more trusses out the door—- that’s something we do get paid for !