Free Ongoing Support

Free Ongoing Support : The Turb-O-Web™ System


Free Ongoing Support and System Maintenance.

We offer a free ongoing service to keep the system running smoothly and profitably over the long term.

Periodic Turb-O-Web usage audits monitor system performance.

The Turb-o-Web System is a very simple system to set up and easy to operate but we offer this service to help you keep it at its best.

Ongoing Support : A Free Service for Users.

We’ll do as much or as little in accordance with your preferences.

Periodic Turb-O-Web Usage Audits.

The Turb-O-Web audits give a valuable insight into how the system is really working in the truss plant.

These help to ensure that the usage of Turb-O-Webs is being maintained at the expected level.

The audits are non-intrusive and completely confidential and can be done completely off-site if that is your preference..

The audits will check the ratio of Turb-O-Webs used to the total number of truss parts cut in plant*.

Number of Turb-O-Webs Used : Number of Parts Cut In Plant*.

The magic number.

1 x Turb-O-Web : 3 x Parts Cut In Plant*

*Includes all chords and other webs.

Ongoing Support : GImage shows a graph of Turb-O-Web usage being created.
Keeping The Ratio Up.

Improving Turb-O-Web Usage.

Audits frequently highlight ways in which usage may be improved.

So apart from giving the current usage ratios the audits can highlight ways in which usage may be improved.

During the initial set-up period we can offer any help you require and once the system is established we would normally do an audit then as a benchmark.

After that regular periodic audits can be carried out to ensure usage remains on track.

We will do as much or as little as want us to.

We are always on hand to give any assistance you may require on all aspects of the precut Turb-O-Web system.

Call me anytime.

John Griffith  0418 488 935

Contact Turboweb Australia for more information on the benefits and use of precut Turb-O-Webs.

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Pre-Cut Turb-O-Webs are manufactured using the Patented Multi-Faceted End.
Patent in Australia No. 2004202948, MULTI-FACETED END FOR ROOF TRUSS WEB.
Patent in Australia No. 2004216626, METHOD OF CUTTING SEGMENTED-END TRUSS WEB
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  • *All references to “parts cut in plant” includes all chords and all other webs.

© 2017 All Rights Reserved Turboweb Australia Pty Ltd.