Turb-O-Web Flyers.

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Ever wonder why truss plants cut 33% more truss parts than they need to - every day ??

Background & history of Turb-O-Web use in Australia.Includes benefits of the system.

Graphic showing labour savings and output increases due to the Turb-O-Web System.

Chart showing method of calculation of Turb-O-web use.

Graphics showing images of both increased production and reduced workload due to the use of precut Turb-O-Webs.

Report analysing the saw workload reduction when Precut Turb-O-Webs are incorporated into roof truss manufacture in Australia.

Article discusses the merits of the Precut Turb-O-Web System and why truss plants should use the system.

Improve productivity Instantly-more cut parts-reduce cutting stress-focus on making more trusses

Image showing calculation if the infeed timber needed to cut an angle cut roof truss web to replace a 1200mm precut Turb-O-Web.

Graphic representation of timber saved by using precut Turb-O-Webs in roof truss production.


Flyer about it is time to take another look at precut Turb-O-Webs.

Precut Turb-O-Webs are used for one single purpose only- to increase output by reducing work. The bonus is that Precut Turb-O-Webs do this easily, instantly, and without the need for any special equipment.

If a truss job has 50% webs and if 50% of the webs are replaced by Precut Turb-O-Webs then the supply of cut parts to assembly will be increased by 33%

A plant cutting 2,000 parts per day can increase the number of cut parts available for assembly per day by 660 Precut Turb-O-Webs

Add 1,400 truss parts per shift buy a $350,000 Linear Saw. - Precut Turb-O-Webs can then add another 660 parts for only a few extra cents per metre

Graphic and text showing relarive efficiencies of Precut Turb-O-Webs V's Linear Saws.

Graphic and text showing relarive efficiencies of Precut Turb-O-Webs V's Linear Saws.


Table showing Turb-O-Web usage by length.
Further analysis of production benefits of various lengths of Precut Turb-O-Webs.

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