Give Your Sawyers A Headstart

Turb-O-Charge Your Saw Output Precut Turb-O-Webs ™ – Work Less – Achieve More. Precut Turb-O-Webs® have been used   since 1996 and are well proven. Plants have used them continuously for almost twenty years. In fact, more Precut Turb-O-Webs® are used today than at any other time. See sample Turb-O-Web trusses here. So either more jobs  […]

Periodic Usage Measurements

How Do We Measure Successful Use Of Precut Turb-O-Webs ? A new user of Precut Turb-O-Webs will want to measure the extent of benefits fairly quickly after adopting the system. In other words, “What benefit have precut webs been to the plant?” We Measure Success This Way : Success is easily measured  by calculating a […]