Turb-O-Webs In Australia

Ever wonder WHY
Truss Plants cut
about 33% more truss parts
than they need to ? ?

Puzzled man wondering why truss plants cut 33% extra parts per day.

. . Every day…for every job  ? ?

So do we.

Is it just because they can ? Is it because they have always done it this way ? Turb-O-Webs have been used in Australia for 21 years and the sky hasn’t fallen in yet !

Some plants have sufficient saw capacity to do this extra 33% work without holding up production. But that does not address the fact that it is still wasted effort which could be more profitably directed elsewhere in the plant.

The design of trusses using precut Turb-O-Webs is is the same as designing trusses “normally”. See sample Turb-O-Web trusses here.

After 22 years, it might be time for a re-think !

Now would be a good time to re-think the use of precut webs. Because all that extra saw work equates to about 3 month’s extra saw work per year. And, significantly, not only does the extra work not add to profits, it can also hold up production.

With Precut webs any plant can free up its saws for the equivalent of one week per month. This reduction in saw workload/ cutting time  can be used to either:-

  • Produce more cut jobs from existing labour, or
  • Redirect the labour saved to other work and get more work done with the existing labour force.

Lets face it, any manufacturing business which is given the opportunity to reduce the workload required to produce a product should, take that opportunity. Why shouldn’t they ?

  • Especially if the change could be achieved in a cost neutral way.
  • Consider also that if fewer parts are needed to be processed in-plant per job then more jobs may be produced in a day.
  • That’s less work per job, less work per week, less chance for things to go wrong, less saw maintenance and less other associated costs. And at the same time- increased output.

Precut Turb-O-Webs tick some pretty big boxes considering that there is no requirement for any capital expenditure.

Cutting all webs in-plant slows production & reduces profits.

Surprised man asking when they want their truss job.

If truss output is reduced by time consuming web cutting then plant profits will be reduced. Why wouldn’t profits be reduced if output is reduced? 

If the resources burned up cutting were redeployed so that more trusses get made, the plant must become more profitable. Why wouldn’t profits increase if more trusses are made per day using the same labour force?

Why 33% more?

Any truss plant manager should know that truss jobs are about 50% webs and 50% chords and that about 50% of the webs in a job can simply be replaced by precut Turb-O-Webs.


  • For a job made up of 1,000 parts (chords & webs) a plant using precut webs would only need to cut 750 parts.  (ie 500 chords & 250 webs).
  • But, a plant cutting everything in plant needs to cut the whole 1,000 parts.
  • 1,000 is 33% more than 750.
  • 1,000 parts will take 33% more time to cut than 750 parts.
  • Saw costs for 1,000 parts will be 33% more than for 750 parts.
  • There are plants operating today whose truss production is  limited by insufficient saw capacity.
  • No saw is as fast as Not cutting.”

What are Precut Turb-O-Webs®.

Precut Turb-O-Webs™ are roof truss webs which are delivered, pre- manufactured, to truss plants in Victoria, New South Wales, SE Queensland and the Adelaide area of SA.

The webs are precut in a range of lengths from 450mm to 2400mm in 150mm steps. They are characterized by a special end shape which allows them to be used at any angle in a roof truss.

Designing trusses with precut webs is exactly the same process you use now. Designing roof trusses containing Turb-O-Webs™ is supported by all leading truss design software including Multinail, Pryda, and MiTek.

These webs increase the capacity of any plant to provide cut parts for assembly by about 33% per day. No new or special equipment is required since these  webs are delivered ready to use.

Why More Precut Turb-O-Webs Are Used Today Than At Any Other Time.

Because they work. These webs have been in constant use in Australia for 21 years

They are primarily used to reduce workload and to increase plant saw capacity. However, because the innovation represents a significant simplification they provide many flow on benefits.

"We’ve been using Turb-O-Webs for almost 20 years, so if you are looking for ultimate efficiency without compromising quality Turb-O-Webs are definitely the way to go." Geoff Baxter BB Truss Bendigo.

Purchase precut Turb-O-Webs and give your saw output a boost. Fastrack your way to higher truss output as well. Big gains without capital expenditure.

Call us for more information- or to get started !

See sample Turb-O-Web trusses here.

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Pre-Cut Turb-O-Webs are manufactured using the Patented Multi-Faceted End.
Patent in Australia No. 2004202948, MULTI-FACETED END FOR ROOF TRUSS WEB.
Patent in Australia No. 2004216626, METHOD OF CUTTING SEGMENTED-END TRUSS WEB
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